Aromatherapy | Thai Massage | Yoga Exploration

Aroma Yoga & Thai Massage Workshop

I have teamed up with a wonderful Thai Massage Practitioner to offer unique workshops that combine yoga and therapeutic, relaxing Thai Massage.  We will make up blends and directly massage them into your skin, as well as using hot flannels and some yummy snacks flavoured with essential oils for the full aromatherapy experience.

Price: £38 for a 2h workshop | Max 8 people

22nd January 2019, Tuesday, 7pm (Warming winter scents)
14th February 2019, Thursday, 7pm (Valentines Day Special with an aphrodisiac oil)
28th February 2019, Thursday, 7pm (Welcoming the longer days with a spring scent)


Yoga Exploration

Every Monday 6:30pm and Saturday 10:15am we will explore a different style of Yoga.  It will be an exciting mix, ranging from more restorative styles to dynamic ones and incorporating more unusual classes.  We will honour our bodies and our roots in a grounding flow, free ourselves from tension with TRE and foam rolling, celebrate the seasons with an Equinox flow, explore our mind and body with Chakra Yoga, find tranquility with meditation and yoga nidra.  

Stay curious and open and join me on this journey. BOOK HERE ONLINE

14th & 19th January - How to: Sun Salutation & Chaturanga
An essential part of any vinyasa flow class yet so difficult. A class where you can ask questions, we take our time and where each student will be observed, given assistance and tips (if desired). We will go through Sun Salutation A & B step by step and specifically work on chaturanga and its modifications. We will also work on the muscles that will help us to master a chaturanga - shoulder, arms and especially core muscles. Not just for beginners. 

21st & 26th January - Yoga for Core Strength (Monday) & Gentle Vinyasa Flow (Saturday)
For those who usually can't make Saturday morning, I will run a slightly challenging but accessible core strengthening class that will leave you empowered and strong in the core, glutes and pelvic floor.  My Saturday crowd has the option to come to a more stretchy and classic yoga class that week.

28th January & 2nd February - Yin Chakra Yoga
A therapeutic, slow-paced class where we learn about the chakras. We will gain some insight into what life circumstances and traumas can block our sense of stability, our emotions, sexuality, inner power, our ability to love and communicate and to connect. Understanding how and why we are and act a certain way is the first step to bring balance into our being and our lives.

4th & 9th February - Vinyasa Flow & Foam Rolling
A stretchy vinyasa flow followed by a foam rolling session for self-myofascial release for healthy and elastic muscles. Helps to release tension and prevent injuries.

11th February - No class due to celebrating my daughter turning 12
16th, 18th & 23rd February - TBC due to Half Term

25th February & 2nd March - Shake it off with TRE - Tension/Trauma Release Exersice 
Trauma & stress that the body cannot discharge at the time of the difficult event, are stored and can manifest as chronic tension. It affects our breathing, posture, movement and general wellbeing. In this class, we will go through a set of exercises that will evoke a therapeutic tremor that releases tension accumulated from traumatic experiences or stressful situations (anything from grieve, abuse, violence, exam/job stress, financial worries, ...). It works perfectly in combination with any Chakra work where you may have uncovered (previously buried) challenging life experiences that you want to release.

4th & 9th March TBC

11th & 16th March TBC

18th to 23rd March - Spring Equinox Flow - A Week of Celebrating Spring
Wednesday 20th March is Spring Equinox and we will welcome Spring during all classes this week with a lovely flow, a guided Spring Meditation and introducing a new scent for body oils.

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