Yoga Exploration

Yoga Exploration

Every Monday 6:30pm and Saturday 10:15am we will explore a different style of Yoga.  It will be an exciting mix, ranging from more restorative styles to dynamic ones and incorporating more unusual classes.  We will honour our bodies and our roots in a grounding flow, free ourselves from tension with TRE and foam rolling, celebrate the seasons with an Equinox flow, explore our mind and body with Chakra Yoga, find tranquility with meditation and yoga nidra.  

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5th April - 27th April - Easter Break

29th April & 4th May -  Shake it off with TRE - Tension/Trauma Release Exercise
Trauma & stress that the body cannot discharge at the time of the difficult event, are stored and can manifest as chronic tension. It affects our breathing, posture, movement and general wellbeing. In this class, we will go through a set of exercises that will evoke a therapeutic tremor that releases tension accumulated from traumatic experiences or stressful situations (anything from grieve, abuse, violence, exam/job stress, financial worries, ...). It works perfectly in combination with any Chakra work where you may have uncovered (previously buried) challenging life experiences that you want to release.
Teens WITH a parent (who has done it before) are welcome on the 4th May.

6th & 11th May -  Burning our Way into Power - A Third Chakra Flow
Energising and strengthening our power centre through guided meditation and pranayama (breathing exersices) plus yoga poses that focus on building a strong core. Lots of twisting too. Third chakra yoga helps building up self-esteem & self-discipline, it increases the will to run your own life, promotes a pro-active approach to life where we take on challenges, have a healthy sense of power, take responsibility for our actions whilst being warm, persevering and playful.

13th & 18th May - Dynamic Flow (all levels) & Yoga Nidra
A dynamic flow class suitable for all levels followed by Yoga Nidra where you enter  the deepest state of relaxation, a state between waking and sleeping. The body completely relaxes whilst you become systematically more aware of your inner world following a set of verbal instructions. Regular practice reduces tension and anxiety.

20th & 25th May - Yoga for Healthy Backs
Yoga poses to bring mobility to the spine plus exercises that specifically strenghten the back, core, pelvic floor and glutes. A small ball (like a tennis ball) will release any tension in the soles of the feet - healthy feet are connected to a healthy back. We will finish with some TRE-like exersices that bring some tremors to our body and will help release a tensed up psoas muscle which can be the cause of backache.
All exersices will be safe and accessible to everyone, however, if you have a pre-existing backissue, please consult with your osteopath/physio and with me before joining the class.

27th May - 1st June - Holidays

3rd & 8th June - Finding the Balance in Love - A Fourth Chakra Flow
We will be opening the chest, expanding the breath, letting go and surrendering; cultivating generosity, forgivness, empathy. This practice aims to balance the heart chakra so we become more compassionate, altruistic, peaceful and loving of self and others.

10th & 15th June - Bodyweight Yoga & Tension Release
Combining yoga with bodyweight moves like push ups, planks, squats, ... - exercises where you use your own bodyweight to provide resistance against gravity. They increase muscle mass and bone density - both essential especially as we are getting older. After tiring our muscles we will stretch and include a few minutes of TRE that will completely relaxe your muscles AND your mind.

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