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I have tried and tested a number of wonderful local teachers and therapists that offer a range treatments at affordable prices. Don't forget to tell them who sent you!

Pilates Harmony Pilates with Anna
Massages Reflexology with Isabela 
Sportsmassage & Craniosacral Therapy with Katie
Lavender on the Hill
Facials CACI or Dermalogica Facial with Victoria
Face It Skin Clinic
Osteopathy Backs & Beyond with Gavin
Osteopathy with Ann-Christin
Nutrition Nutrional Therapy with Amber


Pilates with Anna

Anna's Pilates ist just around the corner from Yoga in Highgate in her beautiful garden studio. I have been going to her classes for years and love how it complements my yoga practice.

Anna believes Pilates is a highly versatile technique that has wonderful benefits for everybody whatever their physical abilities or their goals may be. She is passionate about teaching and has a genuine enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of Pilates with other people. Her classes are fun and challenging.

Apart from group classes, she teaches 1:2:1 mat and reformer sessions.

To book, please follow: www.harmonypilateshighgate.co.uk


Reflexology with Isabela

Isabela is a qualified reflexologist, she lives in North London and treats people at their home. 

What is Reflexology?

Our feet are a perfect mini-map of the whole body. All the organs, glands and body parts correspond to the reflex points on our feet. By applying a gentle pressure on those points we balance the whole body and stimulate its own healing ability.  It has been successful in treating: headaches, backaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, poor circulation, infertility, tiredness, sciatica, respiratory ailments, gallstones, osteoporosis, sports injuries, weight problems and many more.

To book a treatment, please contact me per Email or on my Mobile: 07583052192.

Price: £30 for 1h massage

 Sportsmassage with Katie

I have been seeing Katie for many years and can highly recommend her. Her approach is no-nonsense and she gets deep. I go to Katie when I have a problem, a knot that doesn't want to go or when I'm in pain. 

My favourite bit is when she gets the accupuncture needles out. I don't enjoy them but they do the job.  Katie also does Craniosacral therapy and has a mother and baby clinic.

Katie works from home in Highgate, Triyoga Camden and White Crane Clinic in Primrose Hill.
Check out her website and send her an email.

Lavender on the Hill

Wonderful massage studio / mini spa in Highgate Village. Friendly and tranquil, a little escape. I love going there for nurturing massages that help me relax and restore my body and mind. 

I have been seeing renato and he is brilliant (I like proper deep massages that release tension) and I have heard good things about the other therapists as well.

Highly recommend as part of your self-care routine. Check out their website, you can easily book online.

Face it Skin Clinic

Face it literally saved my skin. In my early 30s I had lots of problems, my skin was grey and I had lots of spots on my forehead and quite deep frown lines already. Their approach is very scientific, always looking for new ways to improve your skin. I love the products, no-nonsense, just a few things and your skin looks great.

Clinic is in Totteridge & Whetstone and treatment is not cheap but worth every penny:  website

CACI / Dermalogica Facial with Victoria

Held in Victoria's new wonderfully tranquil garden treatment room in Chester Road.

CACI International is a world leader in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, delivering dramatic results without the need for surgery.
The CACI Ultimate system combines microcurrent facial toning with skin exfoliation technology and LED skin rejuvenation, enabling you to achieve beautiful skin without surgery.

All my treatments are individually tailored to suit your skins exact needs at every visit. A skin analysis is performed before each treatment, enabling me to create the perfect facial for you. Home care advice and DERMALOGICA product samples are provided. DERMALOGICA skin care is used in all skin treatments.

For a full list of all treatments, please visit her website and book your treatment online.

 Nutrition For Health with Amber

I follow Amber on Instagram and often end up cooking what she posts - always fresh, easy to prepare, nutritious, healthy and oh, so delicious. My favourites are her kimchi and her Asian salads.

Amber offers nutritional advice empowering women to transform their life in a sustainable way and use food as 'therapy' for better health and well-being. Her approach is sensible and realistic, coming from a wealth of experience.

Amber is passionate about helping you making food choices that improve your health, energy and vitality and making a long-term transformation in how you understand food and nourish yourself.

Check out her website for amazing recipes or to book a consultation with her.