My friend Maya - a highly skilled and talented Relationship Coach and Massage Therapist/Instructor is offering some amazing online services for couples/room-mates. Check them out:
 *One on one Relationship Coaching sessions to help navigate the current pressures on your relationship and give you tried and tested tools for de-escalating conflict, creating more harmony and generally coming back to the love. Maya is offering 50% discount for the month of April only for first time clients. Her online coaching sessions come very highly recommended. For more info and to claim your discount go to: 
*Online Massage workshops for couples or room-mates – Maya offers 1or 2 hr sessions where she guides couples (or room-mates) on how to give each other a genuinely therapeutic and deeply relaxing massage in their comfort of their own home. 
  • The massage - done through loose clothing on the floor - combines acupressure, deep tissue, gentle joint and manipulation and yogic stretches to revitalise, energise and release tension. No need for fancy props – just a double duvet on the floor, a towel, blanket and 2 cushions.
  • The workshop includes some warm up exercises, an introduction into the techniques and contraindications of holistic floor massage and guided instructions on how to give a 45 minute massage using a model to demonstrate in real-time. 

1 hr – £45.00 - includes intro + one guided massage where only one person receives and one practices. 

2 hr – £70.00 - includes intro + two guides massages – where both people get the opportunity to practice and receive. 

For more info contact Maya on T: 07726926227 E: 

What couples are saying about the online workshop:
"We loved Maya’s online massage workshop. It was a great way to disconnect from the chaos and stress of this time when we are all in lockdown and reconnect on a gentle level with each other as a couple. I was amazed how my husband was able to give me such a good massage under Maya’s guidance and I hope I gave him a good massage too! The fact that the type of massage Maya teaches is fully clothed made this an option for us - my husband would have been too shy otherwise” C.L Lawyer

“At the end of 2 hours we felt like we had been transported somewhere with no responsibilities and no stresses when in fact we had not left our living room” H.P. Project Manager

“It was fantastic that we got to do something as a couple that felt outside the norm and nourishing with no hassles and no babysitter required. This is something I wouldn’t just use in a lockdown situation but ongoing to help us reconnect, release tension and stress and learn some great tools in the process. Thank you so much Maya” J.L, IT Consultant