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 !!! NEW --- Qi Gong Course, Evening Weight Training & Gong Bath  in September --- NEW !!!
NEW Schedule in September

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong with Anna Price - Book Course HERE

Three-Weeks-Course for £55
Mondays 7pm - 8pm on September 5th, 12th and 19th PLUS an early morning session on the Heath per week (day TBC)

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong is a 1500 year healing movement system that is based on acupuncture meridians. It consists of 7 movements that literally trace acupuncture pathways around the body to move and clear stagnant chi. In China, Dragon & Tiger was championed in the ‘60s and ‘70s by Zhang Jia Hua, a female doctor of Chinese Medicine, because she saw its success with healing chronic illnesses like cancer, but it has huge benefits for everyone, including cleansing the liver and lungs; improving fluid circulation; increasing general energy levels; and stabilising the nervous system. (In other words, addressing many of the problems we all encounter with the ageing process!) It’s also pretty easy to learn, whatever age you are or level of fitness you have.

Qi Gong –a series of fluid, soft movements - is especially rewarding to practise outside, and for me, is a beautifully powerful way to connect with nature. So, in addition to the three evening classes, there will be one early morning practice a week on Hampstead Heath, day TBC.

As a small gesture of gratitude to the green spaces that have nourished me so much over the years, I will be donating all proceeds from these classes to, a social change and reforestation charity that uses female leadership to plant trees around the world.

Course cost: £55, including morning practice sessions Those on low income give what they can.

 Any questions, contact Anna Price:

Evening Weight Training & Stretching
Two weeks only
Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm on September 7th and 14th

To kick-start the metabolism and get us back into the swing of things, there will be two special-edition evening classes where we lift weights and stretch and relax. Don't miss it!

Gong Bath with Tammy - Book HERE
Gentle stretching with Claudia followed by a magical gong bath
Wednesday September 21st from 7pm to 8:15pm
Cost: £25 pP

First, we will get all excess energy out of the way with some gentle stretches before we lie down and join Tammy on a meditative journey through sound. 

Gongs are an ancient form of sound healing. Powerful vibrations quieten the mental chatter and create a deep meditative state whilst the body relaxes.