Spring Declutter

Spring is basically around the corner, how about a little declutter? Mess can mess with your wellbeing; a bedroom full of stuff doesn't make for a good resting space and having a thousand things going on in your brain can cause stress and damage your sleep.

Below some tips on how to do a little decluttering ... of the larder/fridge, the brain or maybe other corners of the house/flat with the help of a professional (visit Camilla's website).

Make sure you know that the yoga class passes come with an expiry date, what the cancellation period is and that there are please no shoes in the ashram ... Yoga T&C HERE.

Declutter your Larder/Fridge

Giving the fridge and larder a spring declutter is very satisfying, especially if you want to work on your eating habits, produce less waste, shop more ethically and spend more mindfully. Plus, looking at a tidy fridge soothes the frazzled mind, don't you think?

  • What helps with not eating rubbish food?Don't have it in the house, stock your fridge/larder with your health in mind
  • Keep it tidy and organised: You want to easily see what is there, what needs using up and what you run low on. Plus, it is so pretty.
  • Be brutal, chuck stuff that you haven't used in a month, keep your fridge minimalistic and mainly for fresh items
  • Regularly inspect the contents of your larder and fridge to not let unwanted things grow
  • Don't overbuy and overcrowd: meal planning helps & purchasing groceries as and when you need them - supports small shops instead of (online) supermarkets plus reduces food waste (= massive greenhouse gas (methane) emissions) 
  • Glass containers are decorative & practical for storing nuts, seeds, grains, pulses; especially when purchased plastic free from a zero waste shop 

Declutter your Mind

  • Meditate, daydream, let the mind wander, sit in quiet contemplation, ponder about ideas - make time for this during the day so thoughts will have less of a chance to keep you busy at 3am
  • Organise your diary (realistically!) and write To-Do Lists, so you know where you need to be when and what needs doing - it takes things off your mind and nurtures punctuality
  • Prone to procrastination? Take it a step further. Write in your diary exactly which tasks you want to do exactly at what time. It helps against overthinking and dawdling. 
  • Just do it! Often, thinking about having to do something is worse than actually doing it. So, without overthinking, just get dressed and go to yoga :)
  • Learn to say 'no' to stuff you don't want to do and people you don't want to commit to
  • Nourish positive relationships and connections that enrich your life and mind.

Terms & Conditions

10-CLASS PASS: valid for 4 months. This is a class pass for those coming once a week or more and already factors in (short) holidays and the occasional cold. Please do NOT purchase if you cannot commit to a regular attendance as extending the expiry date will cost £10 per month.

5-CLASS PASS: same as above.

INTRO OFFER: Valid for 4 weeks only. Starts the day you book into your first class and I will not extend the expiry date.

CANCELLATIONS: a generous 2h for weekday morning classes and 5h for evening and weekend classes. Please stick to those. I'd appreciate if you could still let me know if you can't make it on a short notice so I don't move more furniture than necessary and if I find someone else to take your spot, you will not be charged.

PUNCTUALITY: I don't mind if you are a bit late, don't stress but please be mindful of others, just slip in quietly and make sure you warm up.
I will start on time, ideally arrive a few minutes early

ILLNESS: Please do not come to class if you have a cold or other illness that is catching

PERFUMES: part of the yoga experience are the massage oils I use. Please go easy on heavy perfumes as there are too many clashing scents going on if more than one person uses one.

ALCOHOL: Please don't come to class after drinking alcohol. It is not safe and the smell is not pleasant either.

MOBILE PHONES: None in the room please (ask if you need to have it for a particular reason) and try and remember to switch it to silent mode