Better routine, better life

Ideas   My Ideal Morning

So much time wasted with scrolling and binge-watching. What if we could spend one hour less on devices and use this time for more sleep or perhaps a nice wellbeing routine?

I used to wake up, take my phone and get sucked into the void of scrolling. Without noticing how much time had passed, I would finally get up, skip my breathing exercises, feeling foggy and drained. At the beginning of January I changed my morning routine. I am more content, I feel productive and have a more peaceful day.

If you think of changing your morning routine and perhaps getting up earlier, make sure you still get enough sleep. If you think of having a new evening routine, make it calming.

For most people, changing the morning makes more sense, as that is the time when our willpower is at its peak. (Try eating healthy and doing the 'right things' after you had a stressful day.) Having a good morning routine helps you have a better day ahead, to make better choices and a better night with better sleep.

And delete all these apps that have you scrolling and rob you of your time and your focus!


Habits for your body, your heart and your soul you could include into a better morning or evening routine:

  • Meditation, breathwork, chanting
  • Journalling, reading, gratitude practice
  • Check-in with yourself - how ARE you?
  • Stretches, foam rolling, thumping, Tibetan Rites, balancing on one leg
  • Energising morning walk to catch that first light or a calmer evening walk to get rid of excess energy
  • Dry brushing, cold shower (morning) or hot Epsom salt bath (evening) 
  • Hydrate, plan dinner
  • Plan day ahead/next day
  • Definitely YOGA!!!

My Ideal Morning

I go to bed before 10pm to get enough sleep and get up at 6am, which gives me a bit over an hour to myself during the week. I include breathwork, some form of movement, beauty rituals and habits for physical health into my morning routine.

  • Breathwork: (11- 20min)
    • short (11min) or longer (18min) guided Wim Hof breathing exercise to invigorate whilst in bed under the LED Phototherapy 
    • drink water (before and after movement)
  • Movement: (10 - 20min)
    • short strength training with weights (10-15min) or
    • short workout with the TRX (15-20min) or
    • gentle Stretching/Pilates when I'm tired or at the end o my cycle or
    • going for a walk with a friend or my partner (takes a bit longer, I would skip or shorten other things on that day)
  • Physical Health/Beauty: (15min)
    • nasal irrigation
    • dry brushing (5min)
    • lymphatic drainage with body comb under warm shower and
    • ending with a cold shower
  • Beauty: (5min)
    • using gua sha tool (about 1-2min) after applying face cream and/or
    • face yoga (about 3-5min)
  • Physical Health:
    • take vitamins
    • drink herbal tea
    • drink more water
  • Soul:
    • chatting with kids and partner
    • cleaning (I try to see the positive of having a nice clean kitchen and studio)
    • teaching yoga and seeing other people 

 Sunday is a rest day, I do a bit of breathing and meditation in the morning, go to the lido with a friend and try and get out of London for a walk.