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Thai Yoga Massage with Maya

About me

I have been a student and practitioner of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage for 20 years with a busy private practice in north London. Whilst the core of my practice is Thai Yoga Massage, I also draw on other modalities in my work including deep tissue, abdominal massage, Indian head massage, energy healing and acupressure to provide an integrative healing experience for my clients. I treat a wide range of conditions from back pain and sciatica to depression and trauma-related illnesses. My treatments are totally responsive to my clients needs and work to gently unblock, restore and re-connect my clients to their own vital source of energy. Alongside my experience as a therapist and student to some of the leading practitioners in the field, my own inner journey has helped develop and fine-tune my work as an intuitive and effective therapist.

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Massage is an ancient and deeply healing form of bodywork based on yoga and Ayurveda practices.  Through a combination of gentle stretching, assisted yoga postures, gentle joint opening and acupressure along the body’s energy (‘sen’) lines, Thai Massage works to balance and unblock the flow of energy, relieve pain and stress, enhance immunity and restore genuine health and vitality.

Thai Massage can help in the treatment of conditions such as muscular tension, stress, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, high/low blood pressure, respiratory conditions, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, back and neck pain, migraines and much more.  Traditionally, the massage is given on the floor through loose clothing. For maximum benefits a minimum of 90min is recommended.

I offer massages either at your home (NW1, NW5, N6, N19, NW3) or at my home studio (Archway) or Claudia's Yoga Studio. The perfect treat after a Pilates or Yoga Class. 

For prices, price packages and/or to arrange an appointment contact me on T: 0207 263 2551 / M: 0772 692 6227, E:

Reflexology with Isabela

 About me

My name is Isabela and I am a qualified reflexologist (London School of Reflexology). I live in North London and treat people at my home (Croftdown Road NW5) and I also do home visits.

What is Reflexology?

Our feet are a perfect mini-map of the whole body. All the organs, glands and body parts correspond to the reflex points on our feet. By applying a gentle pressure on those points we balance the whole body and stimulate its own healing ability. 
It has been successful in treating: headaches, backaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, poor circulation, infertility, tiredness, sciatica, respiratory ailments, gallstones, osteoporosis, sports injuries, weight problems and many more.

To book a treatment, please contact me per Email or on my Mobile: 07583052192.

£30 for 1h

Swedish or Hot Stone Massage with Emma-Jane

ITEC qualified massage therapist for over 10 years.

Swedish Holistic Massage is performed on a massage table and oil is used across each body area to bring relief from everyday aches, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address feelings of anxiety and tension, and aid general wellness.

Hot Stone Massage uses the direct heat of prepared basalt stones, oil and swedish massage technique. The treatment takes place on a massage table. Together, the hot stones with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

To book, please contact Emma-Jane, 07795064080 

Swedish Oil Massage:
Full Body Massage     £55/£70

Hot Stone Massage:
Full Body Massage     £65/£80