Green Projects


  • Orchard, Spring Bulbs & Wildflower Meadow (planned)
  • Mini Forests (planted and more planned)
  • Wildlife Pond (finished)

Planetary health and human health are interconnected and I am deeply comitted to do everything I can and make the neighbourhood a greener and healthier place - for all creatures. I am a member of the mini-forest planting charity Dream for Trees and I am on the Greening Team of the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum

Mini Forests

In Spring 2022 we planted about 850 native trees at Parliament Hill School using the Myawaki Method. These little pockets of green will improve air quality, provide a habitat plus food for wildlife and capture carbon. The heat and lack of rain was a challenge but after stepping in, most trees were rescued and will hopefully start thriving in spring '23. More trees will be planted in winter '22.

We raised about £4500 from auctioning our wine, generous donations and donation-based yoga classes. It is not too late to DONATE, all money will be put to good use!

Wildlife Pond

In August '22 we brought the pond at Parli School back to life. This will be a haven to all water-loving creatures and is a wonderfully tranquil place for students to sit, watch and enjoy.

Future Projects: Orchard, Spring Bulb Planting and Wildflower Meadow

 I am hoping to realise these projects in autumn and winter '22. Any help and donation will be greatly appreciated. 

Parli school has the potential to become a real Garden of Eden contributing to the mental and physical health of its students. These and other projects will allow biodiversity to recover and ecosystems to restore themselves, both inside and outside our bodies. 

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 Pond Make-Over ...



Tree Planting ...