Class Descriptions


Get the most out of your classes by choosing them according to your goals:
weightloss | strong abs | relaxation | stretching | posture & stay mobile | muscle toninginjury

Lose some weight:
Exercise won't make you slim but can support your weight loss goals and your best bet is anything HIIT ...

  • Tuesday 8:30am Breath | Yoga | HIIT (slightly easier)
  • Best one: Thursday 8:15am Yoga & Fitness

Have rock hard abs:

  • Beginner/ Intermediate Level: Tuesday 7pm and Saturday 10:15am Stretching & Core
  • Best one: Wednesday 8:30am HardCore Yoga (30min) - Advanced, not for the faint-hearted

Switch off:

  • Tuesday 7pm and Saturday 10:15am Stretching & Core
  • Thursday 9:15am Gentle Flow
  • Best one: Monday 6pm Yoga to Unwind
  • Keep an eye out for Wednesday evening specials like the Gong Bath or Yoga for the Senses

Get started on my fitness journey and be less stiff:

  • Monday 6pm Yoga to Unwind
  • Monday 9:30am Yoga for Flexibility
  • Tuesday 7pm and Saturday 10:15am Stretching & Core
  • Thursday 9:15am Gentle Flow
  • Friday 7:30am Morning Stretches

Improve my posture, stay mobile and feel young:

  • Monday 7:30am Kickstart your Week
  • Best one: Wednesday 9:15am Fountain of Youth 

Tone all my muscles:

  • Monday 9:30am & Friday 9:15am Yoga for Strength

Classes suitable for injuries:

  • stretching & core (knees, wrists & back)
  • gentle flow (wrists, back)
  • yoga to unwind (most injuries),
  • booty, breath & TRE (back, wrists, shoulders)


Booty, Breath & TRE

  • Breathing Exercises to connect mind and body, improve breathing habits and lung function
  • Booty exercises to strengthen our backside and prepare for the TRE
  • Tension Release Exercise: Stress (and trauma) can lead to chronic tension in the body that can manifest as pain in the back, hips (sciatica), neck or shoulders. Tension can affect our breathing, posture and general physical and emotional well-being. Trembling after a stressful event is a normal bodily experience that its rid of excess energy induced by stress. In this class, we will go through a set of exercises that will evoke a therapeutic tremor that releases tension and deep muscle contraction.

Level: EveryBody - the booty stuff is quite hard
Keywords: release, healing, therapeutic, pain relief, stress-buster
Props: blanket or warm clothing

Breath | Yoga | HIIT

  • Wim Hof Breathing (rapid breathing followed by holding breath out for up to 1:30min) to activate your immune system, improve lung function and control your stress
  • Yoga Flow to get the blood flowing and improve muscle tone
  • High Intensity Interval Training to get the heart rate up, burn fat and improve fitness (easier options will be given)

Level: Intermediate and up
Keywords: intense, energising, calming

Fountain of Youth - Vinyasa Flow

  • Yoga Flow incorporating 5 Tibetan Rites: ancient Buddhist yoga practice consisting of 5 exercises to restore vitality and strength (also called ‘Fountain of Youth’)
  • Spine Mobility with twists & back bends … "A man is as young as his spinal column.” (Pilates)
  • Practicing getting on the floor and off the floor with ease
  • Different breathing exercises to strengthen diaphragm, improve lung function & general breathing habits

Level: All Ages - not a gentle class though!
Keywords: spine work, strength, flexibility, anti-ageing, staying subtle, restoring health

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

  • Calmer class, suitable for all seeking a good stretch
  • Gentle flow with standing postures

  • Main focus will be on stretching whilst sitting or laying on the mat. 

Level: All Levels
Keywords: stretching, balancing, nurturing, feeling loved

HardCore Yoga

  • 30min intense upper body strength flow
  • Planking and core work with a few short cardio intervals in the middle
  • Using cork bricks to train deep abdominal muscles (prep for inversions)

Level: Intermediate and up
Keywords: six-pack, intense, short and sweaty
Props: 2 cork bricks

Kickstart your Week

  • 30min Yoga Flow incorporating 5 Tibetan Rites to restore vitality and strength
  • Full body stretch & breath work to bring body and mind into balance

Level: All Levels 

Keywords: waking up, gently strengthen & stretch, anti-ageing, balancing

Morning Stretches

Quick flow and stretch to get you happy and ready for the day

Level: All Levels 

Keywords: waking up, gently strengthen & stretch

Stretching & Core Strength

  • Especially recommended if you suffer from lower back pain or spend a lot of time sitting in a chair
  • Deep full body stretches combined with a lot of core strengthening exercises. Be prepared for some burn in your belly muscles

Level: All Levels
Keywords: six-pack, knee-friendly, mat-based
Props: pilates ball

Teen Yoga … for ages 12 and up. Teenagers are welcome to join all classes. They learn to connect with and gain more control over their body through twisting, balancing, breathing, going upside-down and finally relaxing. I'm happy to fill out assesor reports for your Duke of Edinburgh's Awards.

Vinyasa Flow

Fun and sometimes challenging practice to improve strength and flexibility

Level: All Levels
Keywords: calming, gently challenging
Props: 2 cork bricks

Yoga Flow for Strength

Combining yoga with exercises that increase your strength, using bodyweight and occassionally light weights to shape and tone your muscles. Stretching and relaxing will help balance and restore the body and the mind.

Level: Advanced Beginers and up
Keywords: sweaty, muscle burn,
Props: light weights (optional)

Yoga & Fitness

  • Yoga poses and stretches with a 16min HIIT section in the middle: 2x 8min rounds of 40sec workout and 20sec rest:
  • high-intensity plyometric training to get the heart rate up combined with resistance training using your bodyweight to tone and build up muscles (modifications will be given)
  • stretching and relaxing will help balance and restore the body and the mind.

Level: Intermediate and up
Keywords: sweaty, intense, fat-burn

Yoga to Unwind

  • deep long stretches
  • relaxing breathing exercises
  • guided meditation
  • ... different things each week

Level: All
Keywords: relaxation, flexibility, switching off