Class Descriptions

Ashtanga (All Levels)... an amazing and dynamic form of yoga where you practice a set sequence of poses that will leave you deeply worked, stretched and energised. This class will be suitable for beginners and seasoned practicioners who like working on and improving their asanas.

Candlelight Yoga ... during the darker months of the year, the evening classes will be held in candlelight for a truly blissful experience.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow (All Levels)  a lovely and calmer class, suitable for all seeking a good stretch. There will be a flow with standing postures, however, the main focus will be on stretching whilst sitting or laying on the mat. 

Teen Yoga for ages 12 and up. Teenagers are welcome to join all classes. They learn to connect with and gain more control over their body through twisting, balancing, breathing, going upside-down and finally relaxing. I'm happy to fill out assesor reports for your Duke of Edinburgh's Awards.

Vinyasa Flow (All Levels) ... a fun a sometimes challenging practice that everyone from advanced beginners and up can join.

Vinyasa Flow Level (Intermediate) … a more challenging practice suited to advanced beginners, intermediate and experienced students who are looking for a more dynamic approach to their yoga practice. You are expected to be familiar with sun salutations, chaturanga and its variations and your body and its abilities and limits.

Stretching & Core Strength (All Levels) ...  Especially recommended if you suffer from lower back pain or spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. Deep full body stretches combined with a lot of core strengthening exercises. Be prepared for some burn in your belly muscles. Mat-based and knee-friendly.

Yoga & Strength (All Levels) ...Combining yoga with exercises that increase your strength, using weights, bodyweight or resistance bands to shape and tone your muscles. Stretching and relaxing will help balance and restore the body and the mind.

Yoga & Fitness (All Levels) ... yoga poses and stretches with a 16min HIIT section in the middle: 2x 8min rounds of 40sec workout and 20sec rest: high-intensity plyometric training to get the heart rate up combined with resistance training using your bodyweight to tone and build up muscles (modifications will be given). Best workout to burn fat. Stretching and relaxing will help balance and restore the body and the mind.
Door and windows will be open during the dynamic part for a good air flow.

Yoga to Unwind (All Levels) ... different, relaxing styles of yoga, talks & workshops to explore each week:

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga & Foam Rolling
  • Yoga for the Five Senses
  • Yoga for Healthy Backs | TRE
  • Restorative Yoga with Julia
  • Qigong, Breath & Mindfulness with Anna: letting go, softening and grounding
  • Yin Chakra Yoga: a therapeutic, slow-paced class where we learn about the chakras
  • Talks about alcohol, relationships, etc
  • Gong Bath with Tammy
  • TLC Yoga
  • ...