The style I teach is Vinyasa Flow where breath and movement are synchronised to strengthen and enhance flexibility. My approach is very hands-on, assisting students to get the most out of the stretches.
Classes are held in a spacious lounge with a beautiful view of a leafy garden. Gentle music and selected scents leave you feeling relaxed and energised; a fireplace, underfloor heating and candlelight will help you feeling warm and nurtured even in the coldest months.

Gentle Flow a general class, suitable for all. Beginners will learn and practice basic yoga postures while more experienced students will have the option to take some of these poses to the next level.

Candlelight Yoga ... during the darker months of the year, the evening classes will be held in candlelight for a truly blissful experience

Dynamic Flowa more challenging workout suited both to more experienced students and beginners looking for a more dynamic approach to their yoga practice.

HIIT & Yoga & Go to Work on an Egg ... Sun Salutations to warm up plus 25min of dynamic exercises: high-intensity plyometric training to get the heart rate up combined with resistance training using your bodyweight to tone and build up muscles (modifications will be given). Includes strengthening of core and glutes which both suffer from prolonged sitting. After the dynamic part we will stretch the whole body with routines specifically designed for desk workers and to improve posture. The final relaxation part will help to calm the nervous system and reduce stress. I will have boiled eggs from our chickens here that will help your muscles to restore and grow. One shower available if needed. Well-rested teens welcome.

Run & HIIT ... 30min gentle run across the Heath (option to go faster or do a power walk instead or just join for the HIIT) & meet 9:30 at the exercise place next to the Heath playground for a 25min HIIT workout mostly for the lower body - jumps, squats, ... and a stretch (plus a coffee???) after. If the weather is too appalling, we will go indoors for the second part.

Yoga for Core Strength ... suitable for all levels. Especially recommended if you suffer from lower back pain or spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. Basic yoga poses and stretches combined with a lot of core strengthening exercises. Be prepared for some burn in your belly muscles.

Teen Yoga for ages 12 and up. Teenagers are welcome to join all classes. They learn to connect with and gain more control over their body through twisting, balancing, breathing, going upside-down and finally relaxing. I'm happy to fill out assesor reports for your Duke of Edinburgh's Awards.

Yoga Exploration ... different styles of yoga to explore each week, some dynamic, some restorative, some mixed and some new and exciting classes that are a bit more unusual. For details about the schedule and syles, please check out the workshop page.