Welcome to Claudia and Maya's Apothecary in Highgate where we dedicate our time and passion to creating unique, aromatic and deeply therapeutic oil blends and balms using only pure, natural ingredients and the finest quality essential oils.  We strive to use organic ingredients as much as possible.

Price: £8 per oil or balm
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Body Oils
Our body oils are made with Spanish sweet almond oil and a range of carefully selected essential oils. They are nourishing for the skin and body and a pleasure for the senses. They can be used directly on the skin as a massage oil, moisturiser or perfume. (Please check if you have any allergies.) They can also be used in the bath or in an oil burner. 

Spice Garden
Made with Holy Basil*, Black Pepper* and Pine* - this invigorating spicy blend is perfect for cold winter days. It heightens the senses, stimulates and warms the body and helps with physical fatigue, muscular and joint pain. Spice Garden is an aphrodisiac. Perfect for men and women alike.

By popular demand, this wonderful citrussy body oil is purely made with Lemongrass* essential oil. Purifying, it has a fresh scent and promotes good mood. It is also known for its toning and regenerating properties. Lemongrass is the perfect scent for an il burner as it transforms the room into an oasis of happiness.

Orange Spice
An anti-stress blend with a warming citrusy note. Made with Orange*, Cardamom and Cedarwood*, this blend promotes happiness and optimism as well as calming tension, toning the skin and stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Orange Spice is dominated by the scent of Orange but the cardamom gives this blend an exciting spicy note and kick. 

Forever Young
A body oil that combines Rosewood*, Holy Basil* and Lemon* to regenerate and revitalise the skin. It can also be used to treat stretch marks and cellulite and will leave you smelling sublime. Rosewood balances your chakras, leaving you feeling grounded, happy and loved.  Rosewood is a rare and precious oil that is won by distillation of the Rosewood leaves. This blend also comes as anti-aging healing balm.

Spanish Earth
Spanish Earth Body Oil is like a Mediterranean holiday. Fruity Orange* and refreshing Lemon*; Cedarwood* and Pine* bring a coniferous, woody note, aromatic Rosemary* reminds of a Mediterranean herb garden and the sweet and calming scent of Lavender* holds it all together.

Emotional Balance
That's what we all need - harmonising and calming. A beautiful balance between fruity Bergamot*, soothing Lavender*, sweet Geranium* and Fennel.

We combined invigorating Basil*, Grapefruit* and Cypus* to create an oil that is sure to give you some energy. This oil is useful when studying or sitting exams as Basil is helping to calm the nerves and enhance memory and grapefruit promotes relaxation.

Healing Balms
Our balms are made with calendula flower infused sweet almond oil sourced from Spain, organic unrefined Shea butter, hand poured bees wax and carefully selected essential oils. They are deeply nourishing, healing and regenerative for the skin as well as providing a protective layer against the cold.
Our balms are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin. Please make sure you are aware of any allergies.

Lavender* Balm
Healing, soothing and calming, Lavender promotes sleep and eliminates tension and stress. It also promotes the regeneration of dry or itchy skin and skin prone to redness and imperfections. 

Orange* Balm
Positive and rebalancing, the sublime fruity scent of Orange promotes happiness and optimism and a real sense of well-being. It also tones the skin and helps with anxiety, nervousness and sleep disorders.

Geranium* Balm
Prized for its sweet, pleasant perfume, Geranium is also used for skin prone to redness and imperfections. It can be used on acne-prone but also dry, eczema-prone skin.

Forever Young Balm

An anti-aging balm made with Rosewood*, Holy Basil* and Lemon*. This is a powerfully regenerating and revitalising balm that also soothes tensions and supports skin that is prone to imperfections and has oily tendencies.

A super mild balm suitable for the most sensitive skin. It won't cure eczema but it is wonderully soothing and chamomile has healing properties. 

Chest Rub
A powerful medicinal balm made with Ravintsara*, Hyssop*, Eycalyptus*, Rosemary*, Pine*, Chamomile and Mint* that restores easy breathing, strengthens the immune system and refreshes, revitalises and calms the nervous system. It also promotes restful sleep.


To order, please contact claudia@yogainhighate.com.