About Me

I am authentic and genuine. love teaching yoga and sharing new things I learned with my students. Classes are fun, sometimes challenging without taking things too seriously. I strongly believe in teaching students and empower them to practice independenly. I observe what they do in class and give verbal corrections so they walk away feeling they learned something and received the attention they deserve.

My Story

I found yoga in 2011. At that point I was in bad shape - physically and mentally. Unhealthy eating and drinking habits had left me overweight, unfit, I had bad skin and a raging addiction to sugar, and alcohol.
I was depressed and had a constant frown etched into my forehead. I had no sense of purpose, no money and no sense of belonging.

I used yoga as a means to escape, and to lose weight. It was magical. I'm an 'all or nothing' person and threw myself into the practice. It took a long time, progress was slow but when I started to get stronger, it felt great.

Becoming a yoga teacher in 2013 gave me a sense of purpose. I started to find my Ikigai - teaching yoga is something I love, something the world needs, something I am good at and something I can earn money with. My passion; my mission, my vocation, my profession. Over time, I became a part of the community. I had a purpose and I belonged.

Slowly, I started to look at other aspects of my life: the after-dinner ice cream with eggnog (WTF was that about?!) and my eating habits in general. My mood swings, my drinking, my self-destructive behaviour. It took me years and years and lots of small changes to improve my health. I don't have a fixed goal, I keep working on my system instead: I am constantly evolving and adapting and tweaking.

I spend a lot of time reading, studying, listening to podcasts and working on myself and I want to show my students and friends that everyone can lead a healthy life without too much effort. What I find, I share in my NEWSLETTER.

Learning about the chakras has taught me so much about myself, my traumas and why we are who we are. It has transformed my life and has taken me to a place of deeper understanding - myself and others.

I learned, that a healthy life goes beyond healthy eating and a physical practice. Connection, compassion, purpose, authenticity, gratitude, forgiveness, mindfulness, self-love, ... so many things to learn about and put into practice for a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

I became sober in December 2018 - I struggled with alcohol for many years and it had done a lot of damage to my relationships and my physical and mental well-being. If you ever want to talk about your relationship with alcohol, I am more than happy to listen - without judgment or preaching. Ditching alcohol was the best thing I did. I was finally free to truly be who I was meant to be.

Who am I now? I am someone who loves and respects herself. I am confident and have boundaries. I am aware of most of my shortcomings - some I work on, others are not so important right now. When I feel overwhelmed or sad, I accept it and sit with it. Sometimes I get anry but i'm ok with that. I am reliable, I can laugh about myself. I am here to serve others. I am proud of who I have become. All of this took many years and I keep moving forward, never resting on my laurels and I am excited about the future. It all started with that first yoga practice.