About Me

I am authentic and genuine. love teaching yoga and sharing new things I learned with my students. Classes are fun, sometimes challenging without taking things too seriously. I strongly believe in teaching students and empower them to practice independenly. I observe what they do in class and give verbal corrections so they walk away feeling they learned something and received the attention they deserve.

The atmosphere in the studio is relaxed, I love getting to know everyone coming to class, there is a strong sense of community and every new person is warmly welcomed.

My approach is very hands-on and in a 1:2:1 class, wearing a mask, I can adjust my clients assisting them to go deeper into the poses and get the most out of the stretches. My aim is to help students of all levels and abilities to become stronger, more confident in their own bodies and to be happy and relaxed. 

I spend a lot of time reading, studying, listening to podcasts and working on myself and I want to show my students and friends that everyone can lead a healthy life without too much effort.

A healthy life goes beyond healthy eating and a physical practice. Connection, compassion, purpose, authenticity, gratitude, forgiveness, mindfulness, self-love, ... so many things to learn about and put into practice for a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

I became sober in December 2018 - not because I am some virtuous health-nut but because I struggled with alcohol for many years and it had done a lot of damage to my relationships and my physical and mental well-being. If you ever want to talk about your relationship with alcohol, I am more than happy to listen - without judgment or preaching.

After teaching 6 days a week, I made the conscious decision to cut back and work 4 days a week. Simply to practice what I preach: I use these days to rest, study, practice with other teachers, get outdoors, garden, have facials or a massage, ... self-care. Unashamed and without guilt.