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 Get Fit and Zen with Unlimited Zoom Classes Starting at £10 per Week

Whether you want to get super fit, maintain your flexibility or simply stay sane, I am here for you. Zoom classes are cheap as chips, offer everything from crazy HIIT to relaxed yoga and we will try out lots of different things.   WHICH CLASS IS BEST FOR ME?

Sign up for my NEWSLETTER. Witty and gritty, short and sweet. I will will report back about things I have learned ... why you shouldn't breathe through your mouth; take Vitamin D, eat more beetroot, sort out your chakras, shorten your eating window, read this book or listen to that podcast.

February Newsletter is about depression and the book 'Lost Connections' by Johann Hari ... Read here.

February Lockdown Offer: Working for the NHS and affected by the pandemic? Are you struggling? Get in touch and join classes for free


Please use up your pre-paid classes and weekly/monthly unlimited classes with bookingbug and start using the new system Instabook to purchase passes and book into classes

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