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Outdoor & Studio Classes

Outdoor and Studio Classes will be back on soon.  What's the plan?

  • April 19th: Outdoor Classes start (just two or three per week) ... three mats on the patio + two mats by the (open) door in the studio + me outside ... weather dependent and max 5 people
  • May 17th: Studio will re-open for some classes
    Private 1:2:1 classes and small group classes can be booked again
  • All classes will stay on Zoom

Zoom Classes

 Get Fit and Zen with lots of Zoom Classes (Starting at £10 per Week ... Check Prices HERE)

Whether you want to get super fit, maintain your flexibility or simply stay sane, I am here for you. Zoom classes are cheap as chips, offer everything from crazy HIIT to relaxed yoga and we will try out lots of different things.   WHICH CLASS IS BEST FOR ME?

 Book Zoom Classes HERE

Join Zoom Classes HERE*

* requires you to have a zoom account and sign into that account using your own password and email

On-Demand Video Library

Can't make the live zoom classes? I am recording them and you can train at your convenience. Access HERE -> On demand. They are not edited and include all the bloopers and unforseen interruptions from kittens etc etc. If you expect a pristine and perfect video, do not watch.
PRICES are the same as for live zoom classes:

  • unlimited weekly and monthly Zoom passes give you unlimited access to the library for that week/month;
  • or you purchase an on-demand library only monthly pass for £40
  • ACHTUNG: if you have a class-pass, one pre-paid class will be deducted as soon as you start to play a video.


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