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Whether you want to get super fit, maintain your flexibility or simply stay sane, I am here for you. Zoom classes are cheap as chips, offer everything from crazy HIIT to relaxed yoga and we will try out different things each week.

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This Week's Focus: Breath & Pranayamas

How do you breathe? Through your nose or mouth? Fast or slow? Deep or shallow? Do you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea? Do you have frequent or chronic respiratory problems, asthma, allergies ...?

Malocclusion, hypertension, panic attacks, and many other ailments can be linked to 'wrong' breathing - too fast, too shallow and, worst of all, through the mouth.  The list of damage constant breathing through the mouth can do is long: sleep problems, tiredness, long face syndrome (think Napoleon Dynamite), crowded teeth, poor concentration, anxiety, increased blood pressure & heart rate ... 

Observe how you (and your loved ones) breathe and I invite you to join me for some yoga & guided breathing exercises to de-stress and improve your breathing habits.  Especially when you had Covid-19, mindful breathing and pranayamas can help strengthen lungs and aid with recovery.


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